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Dark Psychology 202: The Advance Secrets Of Psychological Warfare, Dark NLP, Dark Cognitive 36 [Latest]




. John Alexander Beattie {#sec1-1} ====================== The term dark tourism refers to travel to the sites of extreme acts, such as mass murderers, serial killers, and mass murderers. Dark tourism has been written about as a phenomenon and as a market, and some of the sites have become hot tourist destinations. Dark tourism has been subject to scientific research. Some researchers have attempted to relate extreme behaviors and ideas to the extreme landscapes that they take place in. Dark tourism is not just about visiting a site, but also about being there, in this case, in the abode of a mass murderer, a serial killer, or a terrorist, and about being in a world of death, the death-infested world of those who do such horrible things to others. After these men are executed, they become immortalized icons, fetishes, even gods. These icons do not appear to be living beings, but they are not dead yet, as the years roll on. The unusual abode in which the condemned men appear is turned into a shrine, an abode of death, which then becomes a tourist destination. This abode of death is the "dark place" and it holds a power. It has a special appeal for a certain group of people who are fascinated by death, have a need to feel life is not all there is, and would like to live vicariously through such men. The story of this room has been told for many years. It has appeared in books and magazines, and it is a story that anyone with a curious mind can travel to the place of execution and contemplate the story of death. Death and the world of the condemned are the subject of this book. Dark Tourism as a Research Object {#sec1-2} ================================= Dark tourism has been the subject of study in various fields, and the research includes literary analysis of books that describe the places where such deeds have taken place. Here are some of the books that have been written about dark tourism: The Dark Landscape: European History and Memory in the Twentieth Century, by John Dumbrell ([@ref1]) The Last Train from Berlin: the True Story of the Nazi's Most Daring Escape, by Martin A. Lee ([@ref2]) Murderers' Row: Life in the Maximum Security Prison, by Paul Popowich ([@ref3]) Hannah E. Davidson, [@



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Dark Psychology 202: The Advance Secrets Of Psychological Warfare, Dark NLP, Dark Cognitive 36 [Latest]

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