On Stage Paris 

My first On Stage April 2018

First On Stage in Paris at the Hilton hotel, I would admit that I did not know what I was getting into. I didn't think I would get addicted to these annual gatherings.

And yes, I fell in the Stampin'Up pot!

But these meetings are only happiness, a source of inspiration and that motivates us for the year .....

And we discover the new catalog. The atmosphere is electric until  that the catalog is unveiled ....


On Stage Paris April 2019:  

Here we are in Paris for our crazy day at the hotel  Hilton. 

During this day we discovered the new catalog, what happiness ...

My table friends are Catherine, Marie-Christine  and Emilie we are all Creatives !!!!!!  

the  dress code was the hat, which we had all reproduced after the model of Catherine Lemonnier.

And yes, the local On Stage in France only last 1 day so how can you tell you that it goes even faster ......

Thank you to Sonia my godmother for always being there for us.

Fleur pourpre avec feuilles