Fleur pourpre avec feuilles

The stars of the Scrap

Fleur mauve


Hello everyone, I'm Isabelle, I'm 53 years old. I have been scraping for 4 years now and the idea of playing a demo has been running through my head for a while! Well with this great offer, I took the plunge. Initially, it is to benefit from the advantages, I do not hide it, and if the opportunity of workshops presents itself, I would do it.

I am twice a grandma, so there is something to scrape with all the photos of my little darlings, and in addition I am a nursery assistant and each time a child leaves, I make a souvenir album that I give to parents. They love ! 


Me is Marion. I'm 40 years old. I started to scrap since December. With the period we are going through, I wanted to make my own greeting cards to convey a little happiness. I discovered scrapbooking and the Stampin'Up brand! thanks to a friend. And then I discovered Celine's videos. His kindness and availability made me want to join his team and here we are ...